The Program

JCB Elite is a non-profit basketball program (501) (c) (3) for a wide range of youth who want to compete beyond the school levels. Currently there are five teams between the grades of 2nd and 12th. The program offers competition by practicing with their coaches regularly and traveling to tournaments throughout the surrounding states. These basketball tournaments are hosted year round. Many of these tournaments draw a large crowd of teams from various states who bring a higher level of skill and competition to the game of basketball. JCB Elite has also hosted a couple of these tournament events in the Michiana area.
Teams who attend the tournaments are taught that teamwork, communication, leadership, self-discipline, and hard work are essential to their overall success.In addition, the JCB  Elite program emphasizes the importance of work ethic. Kids who participate in the JCB Elite program are required to keep a GPA status satisfactory to the school level of eligibility.Also, they are required to participate in fund-raising events so that they can earn money toward the cost of participating in the program tournaments.